Vallarta Wine Fest 2012

Ana Gabriela López Espinosa

Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Vallarta Wine Fest 2012

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012Every year, Vallarta is host to a grand international event, where restaurants, wineries and connoisseurs come to learn about and teach the culture of wine to all those who are interested. The Wine Fest ("Festival de Vino" in Spanish) is in its fifth year now and will surely continue for many years to come.

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012The festival started as an initiative in 2005 but it wasn't until 2007 that there was support from the wine distributors and the participation of more than a dozen specialty restaurants and hotels which created the tremendous success of this event. Because of this, the state government of Jalisco has also helped with the planning and organizing of this splendid festival. The official motto is "la cultura esta de fiesta" (Celebrate Culture).

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012It is not only about wine tasting and pairing, there are also lots of items made with wine extracts, poetry readings, and photography contests, along with live music, dances, seminars, classes and conferences that cover many different aspects of the culture of wine. The object of the festival is to offer visitors the wine experience in all its splendor.

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012With the presence of domestic wineries, distributors and thousands of years of history, tradition and wine culture, it was only a question of making the information accessible to the visitor so that the festival could be a complete success.

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012It should also be mentioned that the restaurants of Bahia de Banderas and the Riviera Nayarit participate as hosts, offering delicious tastings for all those who are interested. It is a grand opportunity to meet people from the winemaking community, including connoisseurs, and professional sommeliers.

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012Come and learn about the best pairings between food and different types of wine. Various restaurants will open their doors exclusively for pairing sessions and tastings of domestic and international brands. You are sure to be charmed by the distinct aromas of a Merlot or a Pinot Noir.

Vallarta Wine Fest 2012Take advantage of your next visit to Puerto Vallarta this coming February and attend the Wine Fest. Enjoy the sun, the sand, the sunsets and the local hospitality during your vacations and surprise your friends back home with all your new-found knowledge of brands, production, types of wine and the correct form of pairing a wine with a meal. Plan ahead of time and book your stay at one of the hotels in Puerto Vallarta, a tourist destination that is known as one of the most important in Mexico, filled with culture, cuisine and beautiful natural landscapes.