An Artistic Stroll along Puerto Vallarta's Promenade

Verónica Santamaría


Besides being a place to spend your vacation surrounded by beautiful beaches, many different activities and unimaginable places to visit, Puerto Vallarta has become a formidable tourist destination where culture and art can be appreciated in different ways.

los_milenios Incredible exhibitions of art are held by a large community of artists who live in Puerto Vallarta or who come to this picturesque city from other places to display their works. Among them are writers, craftsmen, painters and sculptors who show their works of art on the streets, in art galleries and on the sea walk of the city.

Imagine the ocean as a backdrop to delight your eyes, having the wonderful bronze, stone, iron or polymer resin sculptures as a close-up which embellish this original and amazing open- air museum. The sea walk is an obligatory visit for the tourist and even more so for those who love art.

fuente The tour can start in the south part of the sea walk beginning with 'Los Arcos,' one of the main icons of the city, which was recovered from a hacienda in Guadalajara. Farther on, the 'Fuente de la Amistad' was a donation from the city of Santa Barbara , California and is a replica of the one that is in that city. The fountain shows three dolphins representing friendship, according to a legend of the Chumash Indians, natives from the south of California. The legend mentions that, after some of them had sunk, dolphins saved them from drowning.

el_caballito Continuing the trip, the mythology is also evoked through statues sculptures of Neptune (Roman Ocean God) and Nereida (a marine mermaid) who are pretending to put their hands together in front of the ocean and whose creation was headed by Carlos Espino, an Italian sculptor. Following the marine theme, 'El Caballito' sculpted by Rafael Zamarripa is proudly shown. This sculpture was originally placed in Playa de Los Muertos but it was worn down by the wind and intense ocean swell. For that reason, it was reconstructed to be placed in front of the old lighthouse where nowadays it is located.

busqueda 'Busqueda de la Razon' is definitely the most controversial sculpture of this trip since it creates great expectations in passers-by due to the exceptional figures opening their arms and going up or down the stairs (depending on your perspective) and to reflection upon seeing the sculpture shaped by Sergio Bustamante.

la_rotonda In the middle of the sea walk, allow yourself a rest and ponder pleasant thoughts of ' La Rotonda del Mar', a work of art by Alejandro Colunga, composed of a set of fine sculptures of chairs with human form which have a stylized finish to their arms and legs in the forms of marine animals and other fabulous figures.

nostalgia A story of love and honor to life is reflected in the two bronze figures sculpted by Ramiz Barquet who captured in 'Nostalgia' his own love experience: union, break-up, and reencounter. Experience it with your lover in this same place, in front of the ocean.

naturaleza 'Nature as Mother' is a two-meter-high sculpture carved by Adrian Reynoso, which symbolizes the life cycle through a woman with her arms outstretched turning into a wave. At the north end of the sea walk, finish your beautiful, cultural stroll with 'Los Milenios' by Mathis Lidice, the most recent sculpture, that shows three people moving, adjoined in a spiral giving the impression that they are trying to reach the sky.

Talented artist have collaborated to embellish the sea walk with splendid works of art communicating that Vallarta is also a perfect beach destination to become acquainted with a diversity of culture and great artistic creations. Nevertheless, when visiting Puerto Vallarta you not only will find in the sea walk this sort of artwork but also in the city you can enjoy music, dance, theater and exhibitions of art in various galleries. So, for that reason, if you are planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta , do not forget to take advantage of the culture and art!