4 Tips for Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Juan Pablo Pinzón
Tips for Fishing in Puerto Vallarta 

Get ready for a great day of fishing on your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Even if you've never tried it, sport fishing is an experience that you shouldn't pass up. Follow these simple tips and enjoy this activity with the entire family!

1. You can travel at any time of year!

Tips for Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

There's no need to wait for a specific season to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta. You'll find an abundance of fish year-round, including species such as snapper, sierra, sea bass, roosterfish, mahi mahi, tuna, marlin (blue, black and striped) and swordfish. You can also catch sailfish between the months of November and May, along with it being a great time of year to find excellent Vallarta hotel deals.

2. You don't have to be an expert

Tips for Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

You don't need experience to enjoy sport fishing in Vallarta. The introductory lesson that you'll receive when you arrive at the marina is more than sufficient. Beginners can also try fishing with lightweight equipment at depths of around 10 feet. You'll use lightweight polycarbonate fishing rods with a simple release technique. There is no age limit, instead everything depends on your strength and ability to reel in the fish.

3. Don't forget your fishing license

Tips for Fishing in Puerto VallartaBefore setting off on your fishing adventure, remember that you need a license from the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). But don't worry, because the marina where you arrange your tour is generally also responsible for processing your license and the cost is usually included. If you already have a fishing license from the United States or Canada, you can use it in Mexico.

4. Enjoy your fish!

Tips for Fishing in Puerto VallartaYou just might be catching the day's dinner. In some cases, you can request that the crew prepare your fish on board. You can also take a certain number of fish to your hotel and ask the head waiter, concierge or chef to prepare them for you. Check with your guide to find out which fish are edible and the recommended quantity for consumption. Enjoy a great day of fishing on your next vacation in Vallarta!