The Superb Treatments at the Spas in Puerto Vallarta

Janine Dávila Madrid

Charrería: Una Tradición Jaliscience en Vallarta

Spas Puerto VallartaImagine reclining in a private room, soft music playing in the background, scents of rose and sandalwood in the air and a therapist massaging each muscle, deeply. Who could pass that up? Probably very few would. That's right in Puerto Vallarta, the Costalegre, and Punta Mita almost no one can resist the pleasures of an invigorating facial or a relaxing body treatment at the fantastic spas of these stunning destinations.

Spas Puerto VallartaThe spas range from the most sophisticated and elegant to the most understated, but regardless of the type, each spa addresses all five senses in its own way. Most spas offer a peaceful, if not heavenly setting with classical, Celtic, Asian or New Age music that helps you forget the outside world and drift into another state of mind, enabling you to really relax and unwind. Many use natural flowers and essential oils to create a special mood and a pleasant, cozy ambience.

Spas Puerto VallartaThe Mind and Soul Spa at the Villa Premiere hotel, for instance, features an array of sumptuousbody treatments, facials and wraps, as well as an original line of organic massages designed for different needs. Their yogurt and almond rubdown uses the properties of Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant which protects against the damages caused by free radicals. Also involved is the use of Vitamin D, which stimulates the production of collagen, in addition to being an excellent balm for the body. Likewise, the lavender scrub protects new skin against irritations, while the attributes of lavender, licorice, and coleus leave the skin fresh and radiant.

Spas Puerto VallartaAt Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa they offer a treatment called ''A Touch of Perfection'', which rejuvenates your complexion with a Vitamin C facial designed to reduce fine lines and revitalize your total appearance. After that, they apply a seaweed wrap that restores your skin's natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, detoxifying and nourishing your body. Finally they give you a neck, shoulder, and upper back tension massage to release any remaining stress. Their ''Absolute Serenity'' spa package brings back the natural balance of your skin through a lily wrap, a repairing therapy containing natural floral ingredients and the energizing properties of green tea. This is followed by atoning facial, designed to counteract damage caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. Finally, you'll receive a therapeutic deep tissue massage that dissolves away knots of tension caused by daily stress.

Spas Puerto VallartaTequila, salt, and fresh lime juice are not only used to make a famous drink, at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita these ingredients make for a relaxing body treatment as well. Lime is a soothing natural astringent and skin conditioner that when blended with mineral-rich sea salts and a dash of tequila, cleanses and rejuvenates the body. If you'd prefer to slenderize, tone, and detoxify your body, the revolutionary Mexican green coffee slimming treatment will help you breakdown body fat and eliminate the unpleasant spongy appearance caused by cellulites.

Spas Puerto VallartaIt's not only women who can enjoy the services of a spa, nowadays it is common to see men and even children indulging in a facial or body massage while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. At the Grand Velas All Suites and Spa Resort Vallarta there are more than 80 therapies including some designed solely for children and teens, such as the Princess Massage, the Flower Shower, and every kid's favorite, the Chocolate Facial, all of which strive to preserve their young skin and protect it from impurities in the environment.

Spas Puerto VallartaIt's clear that body and beauty treatments are no longer an elite treat; nowadays we can now all enjoy their rich benefits. The Spa Hotels in Puerto Vallarta are the ideal retreats for relaxing vacations, giving you the chance to escape daily routine and revitalize your body, mind and soul.