Puerto Vallarta and its Outdoor Sculpture Museum

Verónica Santamaría

Sculptures in Puerto Vallarta

The stunning destination of Puerto Vallarta features beautiful beaches and an endless variety of natural attractions and interesting places to explore. It has also become somewhere that offers visitors the chance to appreciate different forms of art and culture.

Nature as Mother SculptureThis picturesque city is home to a community of artists, including painters, authors, artisans, and sculptors, while also playing host to those who come from afar to exhibit fascinating works of art in the city's streets, art galleries, and on the seafront promenade.

There's no better setting to admire a masterpiece made of bronze, iron, stone, or polymer resin than somewhere that perfectly incorporates the ocean with stunning sunsets. This is why the wonderful outdoor sculpture museum in Puerto Vallarta is well-worth a visit, whether you are just here on vacation, or as an art enthusiast.

Fuente de la Amistad Fouintain in Puerto VallartaThe art trail starts at the southern end of the Puerto Vallarta seafront promenade with one of the most representative symbols of the city: "Los Arcos", archways recovered from a hacienda in Guadalajara. The fountain "Fuente de la Amistad" is a sculpture that represents brotherhood through three dolphins. According to Chumash Native American legends, members of the tribe were rescued from being shipwrecked by these intelligent animals.

Neptune SculptureMythology is also present in "Neptuno y Nereida", a sculpture by Italian Carlos Espino, representing the Roman god of the sea and the marine nymph. "El Caballito", a creation by sculptor Rafael Zamarripa, is another important emblem of Puerto Vallarta, and was moved to its new location, by the lighthouse, after being eroded by the strong wind and waves at Playa de Los Muertos beach.

Sergio Bustamente has made a great impression with the incredible figures of his "Busqueda de la Razon" (Search of Reason), who look like they're either climbing up or down the stairs with their arms wide open, depending on which angle you see the sculpture from.

Sculptures in Puerto Vallartaalfway along the promenade you'll find a collection of pieces in the shape of human chairs, finished with forms of marine animals. The group is called "La Rotonda del Mar" and was created by Alejandro Colunga.

Ramiz Barquet pays homage to love in his work "Nostalgia", a piece that represents the union, separation, and reencounter of two bronze figures sat on a bench by the ocean. Another sculptor, Adrian Reynoso, who is originally from Guadalajara, has contributed with his sculpture "La Naturaleza como Madre" (Nature as Mother), a figure of a six-foot-tall woman with arms extended, turning into a wave, representing the circle of life.

Sculptures in VallartaAt the northern end of the promenade the sculpture tour of Vallarta ends with "Los Milenios", by Mathis Lidice, a work of art featuring three people connected in a spiral, as if they were ascending to the heavens.


Nostalgia SculptureMexican and international artists have contributed their works of art and sculptures to truly make Puerto Vallarta a culturally rich destination. It's a city where different forms of artistic expression, created by talented newcomers and famous artists, are put on show for everybody to enjoy.

Explore this destination, dive into the culture, and discover the sculptures on the Puerto Vallarta seafront promenade! There are many different kinds of hotels in Puerto Vallarta for all tastes and budgets