Sayulita: A Close Encounter with Nature

Verónica Santamaría Rodríguez

Mexico has some of the best destinations for relaxation, along with plenty of opportunities to get close to nature and enjoy awe-inspiring views and breathtaking places that are still unspoiled and untouched by man. Sayulita is a colorful fishing village that still has a typical Mexican small town atmosphere. Life is slow-paced in Sayulita and there's always time to enjoy the wonderful outdoors, the beaches, the mountains, and the lush tropical vegetation, as well as the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals.

SayulitaSayulita is located on the shores of Banderas Bay, in the state of Nayarit, on Mexico's beautiful Pacific Coast. It really is an idyllic destination for rest and relaxation, just 35 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.

SayulitaSayulita's rich natural surroundings offer countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Surfing, sport fishing, and snorkeling are the most popular water sports, while relaxing on the beaches, lined with palm trees and exuberant tropical vegetation, is also a popular pastime. The best way to explore Sayulita and its surrounding areas is on horseback or bicycle. You can ride around town or explore the wilderness by following the many trails where there are lots of colorful birds and other animals to see.

SayulitaEach year, the town comes alive with the arrival of the humpback whales and dolphins that migrate annually to Banderas Bay. These friendly marine mammals can be seen swimming alone, with their calves, or in larger groups from the months of November to April. You'll definitely be amazed by these incredible creatures and their extraordinary flips and dives.

SayulitaSayulita is a premier surfing destination and there are numerous competitions held here each year, although December is definitely the best month. Some of the area's most beautiful beaches also have the best waves for surfing. There are several surf schools and shops around the town where you can rent boards and other equipment.

SayulitaThe people of this peaceful fishing village have kept their traditions very much alive through their festivities and their arts and crafts. You can get a glimpse of the local folklore and traditions by visiting the town's small, rustic art galleries filled with local artwork including paintings, Huichol art, pottery, and much more.

SayulitaThe town features many attractions to explore, including a lovely main square and cobblestone streets lined with charming little houses. The awe-inspiring mountains sweep down to meet breathtaking beaches lined with thatched-roof palapas, from where you can see the most splendid sunsets. Sayulita's unique charm, the pristine natural surroundings, and the subtle sounds emitted by the local wildlife make this town the ideal vacation retreat for those seeking the opportunity to rest, clear their heads, and invigorate their spirit.