The October Moon in Jalisco

Fernando García Castro
Romance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Look up to the night sky and see who smiles back down at you. Do it in October and discover that the picture is even better. Many people wonder why the moon over the Mexican skies glows prettier and brighter in the month of October, more brilliant than during the rest of the year.

Romantic night in Puerto VallartaScience provides one answer, telling us that the geographical latitude of Mexico is the main reason for this spectacular phenomenon, due to its location in North America on the limits of the tropics. When October comes, Mexico has just passed the fall equinox that announces the beginning of the cold season. During this time, the earth's position lines up in an extraordinary way, thus the solar rays hit the lunar surface at such an angle that light is reflected more intensely than in other months of the year. The sights the October Moon provides are a result of these precise cosmic alignments that happen without fail year after year.

In Jalisco, this miracle is a part of the usual autumn backdrop, taking place all over the state, from Los Altos to Chapala, and from Guadalajara to Tequila. It is most apparent where the coast meets the deep Pacific Ocean, from Costalegre, which starts with Barra de Navidad, Melaque and Tenacatita, continues with Careyes and Yelapa, and ends in Puerto Vallarta.

Romantic night in CostalegreThe October Moon has inspired poems, songs and films. It's also been the unparalleled backdrop for many spectacular photographs. And, we couldn’t forget to mention that the October Moon is also the seductive key to sublime romantic evenings that end in a considerable number of births nine months later, filling the hospitals with beautiful babies during the month of July.

The nights in Jalisco are full of splendor with the October Moon. Witness the beauty while on a romantic beach getaway, enjoying the comfortable and exclusive services offered at the hotels in Puerto Vallarta or Costalegre. Enjoy the excitement of the October Festivals in Guadalajara, the traditional festivities held in the Perla Tapatia each year, where you can get to see Mexico's finest artists performing in exciting, colorful cockfighting arenas. You can also explore exhibitions of food, clothing, footwear, of course tequila, and a variety of other products made in the state.

Discover the beauty of Jalisco, including its stunning coastal scenery and the incredible cities in the center. Take part in the folklore, feel the warmth of the people and explore the picturesque towns and cities embellished with traditional colonial architecture. Enjoy this experience even more with the pristine reflection of the romantic October Moon.