Marina Vallarta: A true shoppers' paradise

César Lozano

Humpback whale statue in Marina Vallarta

While on vacation in the picturesque town of Puerto Vallarta you may want to search for some souvenirs, artwork or handicrafts. You may also want to enjoy a good meal, admire a stunning sunset, feel the ocean breeze on your face and really relax for a while. If this sounds like part of a perfect vacation for you then stop by the oceanfront area of town called Marina Vallarta.

When you exit the airport it's easy to find the road that will lead you to Marina Vallarta, where you can find absolutely everything and at the same time have a wonderful view of the spectacular sailboats, yachts and other vessels that visit the Marina each year.

vallarta shoppingIt's been nearly 20 years since Marina Vallarta emerged as a high-end residential area. Brick by brick, condominium complexes rose alongside luxurious resorts, golf courses, malls and a water park, and in the middle of all this you'll find the Marina Boardwalk with its many small streets. We suggest you begin at either end, where you'll find many great places to enjoy a delicious breakfast to help get your day of shopping and exploring started.

vallarta shoppingYou'll find specialized shops sellinghandicrafts, chic boutiques, jewelry stores, boating accessories, massage clinics, all kinds of restaurants serving specialties from around the world and art galleries where boundless creativity overflows. The Christmas season is a particularly good time to purchase all types of items at really good prices.Marina Vallarta is truly a shopper's paradise and the prices are quite reasonable in comparison with North American and Europe. There are also mini-markets, Laundromats, internet cafes and tour offices.

Marina Vallarta is a universe in itself, evident even at its entrance where the Plaza Neptuno is located. You'll also find here a huge towering statue of ''Neptune King of the Seas'', alongside the famous mother humpback whale and her calf. vallarta shoppingIf you like fishing, then Marina Vallarta is the perfect place to charter a boat and head out to fulfill your dreams and goals of catching some big fish, including the abundant blue marlin.

But even if you don't feel like shopping or fishing, just taking a walk along the Marina's boardwalk is a fantastic experience, where you'll be surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees, streetlights and music. Just take your time and have a good look around.


Written by César Lozano Díaz