Islas Marietas: A Fantastic Adventure

Paula Camera

Marietas Islands


In the middle of a stunning natural landscape of beautiful reefs and cliffs of prominent rocks, you can find the fascinating Marietas Islands, an archipelago which has been made into a national ecological reserve, due to the variety of species that grow there. Some are in danger of extinction.

Thisnatural sanctuary almost untouched by humans, houses an ecosystem that runs the gamut from the humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and giant rays, to marine birds, Olive Ridley turtles and seagulls that fly above the whole extension of the archipelago.

WhaleThehumpback whale spectacle is unique. They arrive to the Mexican coast from December to April. This unique opportunity of watching this great cetacean and its whale calf emerging to the surface is indescribable, showing us their entire splendor. This magnificent species comes from Alaska to mate, due to the warm temperature of the Mexican waters. From a boat it is possible to contemplate them from very close, as they emerge to the surface every five minutes to breathe while they teach their offspring how to swim.

DolphinBottlenose dolphins live in these waters and it is very usual to see them all year long. This is also the area in Mexico with the highest brown booby birth rate and with the largest swallow population, as well as the Olive Ridley turtle, which is an endangered species.

It is a place for adventures, offering the opportunity to coexist with so many species. The Marietas Islands are the dream paradise of those who love snorkeling or diving, featuring a coral reef barrier and great variety of caves. Swim while contemplating colored tropical fish or large rays, gliding on this fantastic journey.

Brown BoobyTheMarietas Islands are made up of the 54-meter-high Redonde Island and the 43-meter-high Long Island. That's why climbing is a typical activity on this archipelago. It is important to emphasize that it is not possible to remain in this place for more than a few hours since it is a protected area.

Arriving to the Marietas Islands is very easy, since they are located 40 minutes away from the Vallarta International Airport by road, and 10 minutes away by boat from Playa del Anclote, on Banderas Bay. If you want to extend your adventure, you can travel to Bucerias, a picturesque Mexican village, a paradise for snorkeling, diving, surfing and fishing, ideal for relaxing and taking in the fresh sea breeze.


If you want to spend your vacation on the Mexican Pacific, don't miss the chance of living this unique experience on the Marietas Islands, some of the most complex ecosystems in the area, where you can enjoy long strolls through deserted beaches, admire the birds, watch the passing of the dolphins or the humpback whales on a sparkling sea. This is an intensely calming experience that you shouldn't miss.