International Gourmet Festival of Vallarta

Verónica Santamaría


Puerto Vallarta offers the finest restaurants worldwide, with wonderful views of the bay and spectacular beaches. A fine backdrop for your Vallarta dining experience, enjoy the perfect ambiance while savoring exquisite dishes to satisfy your palate.

Cafe des ArtistesFor that reason, during the month of November, Puerto Vallarta turns into a setting where renowned chefs, famous Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay restaurants and an endless number of fine cuisine connoisseurs treat their palates to the most exquisite culinary creations. Come and enjoy the merging of diverse cultures through the appetizing blends of flavors and culinary talent.

Shrimps SaladThe idea of creating a gastronomic festival came about during a pleasant conversation that took place during a casual dinner. Chefs Thierry Blouet (from Cafe des Artistes Restaurant), Heinz Reize (from Coco Tropical Restaurant) and Sivan Muller (from Nestle) began to talk about food, tourism and Mexico and came up with the idea of attracting more people during the season when restaurants were not so busy. The idea was to promote the destination to increase the number of visitors.

Fillet GourmetIt was then that the First Gastronomic Festival came to be in November 1995. The goal was to encourage the culinary creativity of the local people and to organize an international gastronomic movement. Six five-star hotels and six independent restaurants participated that year, having invited 12 famous chefs from different parts of the world, establishing the pattern for carrying out subsequent events.

Gourmet FestivalFrom November 9th to 19th of 2006, the 12th International Gourmet Festival of Vallarta will be held, now with the participation of twenty-one of the best restaurants from Vallarta, along with the best chefs of the world, to captivate connoisseurs of the best in food and wine.

Cheeses of the WorldDuring these exciting ten days, each restaurant will host a guest master chef and organize its own festive ambiance, offering original and irresistible menus. The festival takes place together with complementary events such as the Chef's Table and Winemakers Dinner, the famous Gourmet Brunch, Cheeses of the World and Wine Tasting and demonstrations of Gourmet Cuisine with original recipes given by the expert chefs. The distinguished event will conclude with the elegant and splendid gala dinner ' The Spirit of Mexico'.

SashimiThe 12th International Gourmet Festival is an excellent opportunity to taste the culinary art at its finest. Admire these eccentric and tasty works of art. Over the last 11 years, almost 200 chefs such as Anton Mosimann (owner of the Mosimann's Club in both London and Switzerland), Gerard Dupont (President of Academie Culinaire de France), Martin Juan Rios (proprietor of Old House) and Patricia Quintana (owner of Izote Restaurant in Mexico City and author of "El Sabor de Mexico" cookbook) have been invited as well as many others, the festival drawing over 35,000 people.

Don't think twice. If you want to have a true culinary experience, come to Puerto Vallarta this November and discover why this destination is a little more than just beaches and sun.