International Conference of Mariachis and Charreria

Livia Borrelli


International Conference of Mariachis and Charreria

"Te quiero, que pena haberte perdido, como quien pierde una estrella, que se le va al infinito..." (I love you, it's a shame to have lost you, like someone who has lost a star which has disappeared into infinity...) Who hasn't been cast under the spell of these lovely songs which sing high praises to women and to the indescribable beauty of Mexico, sung by mariachis?

ParadeCome and discover the best in mariachi music and in charreria (Mexican horsemanship and rodeo riding). In the birthplace of mariachi music, in the city of Guadalajara, the International Conference of Mariachi and Charreria has received for ten years the best mariachis from Jalisco and from around the world. There are groups from everywhere, like the Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlan, the Camperos de Naty Cano, as well as the mariachis from Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Costa Rica, Aruba, Argentina, Chile, France, Australia, Slovakia, Canada, the United States and Belgium.

The beauty of Charreria The event will take place from August 26 to September 4 and will have a series of gala presentations, religious ceremonies with mariachi, presentations from nearby municipalities, the nomination of the ambassadress of mariachis, parades, the national championship of charreria and an art exhibition. The 18th anniversary of this celebration promises to be a wonderful festival of Mexican music and tradition with the presence of the cream of the crop of Guadalajara as well as famous artists and cultural and political celebrities.

Degollado TheaterThe inauguration of the event will take place in the splendid Teatro Degollado, with a mariachi gala event where the songs of great composers and singers, like Pedro Infante, Miguel Aceves Mejia, Cuco Sanchez, Manuel Esperon and Juan Gabriel, can be heard. The next day brings on all the hits of famed singers Vicente Fernandez, Javier Solis, Juan Gabriel and Antonio Aguilar.

Beautiful Charro SuitsThe parade is a grand event which is held on the third day and which travels down Avenida 16 de Septiembre, through the center of the city. Don't miss out because it's free to the public and will be a spectacular show. Learn more about mariachis and charreria as you admire the beautiful charro suits, incredible dances with beautiful traditional dresses, floats and, of course, a lot of live mariachi music. Come with your family and enjoy this wonderful parade that celebrates one of the loveliest Mexican traditions around.

The Ballet Folklorico de MexicoThe days that follow offers free mariachi concerts in Plaza Liberacion, Teatro Degollado, Auditorio Telmex and Plaza Juan Pablo II. The Ballet Folklorico de Mexico will have a presentation in the Teatro Diana and Catholic masses with mariachi accompaniment will be held at the Cathedral of Guadalajara and at the Basilica of Zapopan. These religious ceremonies are now a running tradition and are televised live.

Paso de la Muerte As for charreria, the national sport of Mexico, the National Charro Championships will be held at the Nito Aceves Lienzo Charro, starting on the sixth day of festivities and going on till the end of the conference. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the diverse and interesting forms of charreria, which is more than just a sport. It is a passion and an expression of art, culture and tradition. Charros and mariachi are nowadays a part of Mexican identity anywhere you go in the world.

Escaramuza This important event's grand closing ceremony takes place on September 4 with a gala presentation of mariachi music at Plaza Juan Pablo II. The International Conference of Mariachi and Charreria is definitely an event that will touch the hearts of many, reflecting the roots and sentiments of Mexican culture. The objective is to rescue and promote Mexican identity through mariachi music and charreria.



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