Dolphins: a natural treasure of Banderas Bay

César Lozano
Dolphins in Banderas Bay

The sensational experience of having the chance to watch a dolphin while swimming in itsnatural habitat will be always kept in your mind. There are people who search and plan their vacation around places where you can easily have these types of encounters and Banderas Bay is an ideal spot for that purpose.

FlipperThe main dolphin species in this bay is the Bottlenose Dolphin. It's also the most commonly recognized by the people, due to the famous TV star dolphin, Flipper. These creatures are agile and nimble. Admiring their acrobatics and 10-foot jumps while swimming over the waves made by the passing ships and boats, are a real spectacle.

The reproduction phase of these dolphins starts in late spring and early summer so depending on when you go, you may be lucky and find a baby dolphin playing and swimming next to its mother. Dolphins can be seen in small groups searching for food, to large pods of hundreds swimming and jumping, offering spectators an unprecedented show, which is undoubtedly unforgettable!

Baby dolphin in Puerto Vallarta

Most of the boats that are used for these tours are small and have space for up to 10 people. Each day is different because the climate and marine conditions are always unpredictable so the chances of seeing them are always unexpected and amazing. There is always the possibility of siting other species, such as rays and turtles, as well as a great diversity of marine birds, which, by themselves, are a marvelous spectacle.

Dolphins in Banderas BayWhile you are on theboat, your captain will teach you about the behavior and habits of the dolphins, how long they live, their reproduction phases and much more. It's a fact that when you land, you will know more about these graceful marine mammals than when you had set sail. Keep unforgettable and indelible pictures of this extraordinary experience etched in your memory.

When someone has the chance of getting in touch with these lovely and enigmatic creatures, the need to learn more about them grows and the importance of conservation and protection becomes foremost. If you have the chance to witness this fantastic interaction of this species in its natural habitat, I can assure you that you will certainly love the dolphin experience!

Written by César Lozano Díaz