A stroll around Bucerias

Paula Camera

If you are one of those wandering travelers with no destination in mind, just looking for an awe inspiring landscape, gorgeous beaches and a quaint small village, then take a bus from Puerto Vallarta and tell the driver you would like to go toBucerias. Houses painted in hues of purple and the most beautiful sunrises that you could ever imagine will appear in front of your eyes.


Bucerias is a picturesque village in the state of Nayarit, close to the cosmopolitan city of Puerto Vallarta. The main attractions are the virgin sandy beaches, the largest being Banderas Bay. They are ideal for surfing or boogie boarding and for that reason they are always crowded with local people on Sundays, who arrive with their families to spend all day under the warm Mexican sun.

In Bucerias, which means ''place of divers'', you will find time to relax from the daily hustle and bustle, where you can watch birds flying, enjoy long walks on the beach, go horseback riding, surfing and of course, diving. In the heart of this colorful small town there is a beautiful park, the local market, a variety of lodging options, the church, the school and charming restaurants where you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes and other regional specialties.

Bucerias MarketLovely and small, in Bucerias every inhabitant knows each other and works for the welfare of the community. Many foreign people coming from the United States and Canada have made Bucerias their home, bringing with them their customs but also striving to preserve the town's original way of life. On the 4 main streets that run parallel to the seashore, you will find picturesque open-air restaurants, small souvenir stores and 2-story houses painted with many different colors.


If you are looking for excitement, at Punta Mita and El Anclote Beach you will find the best waves for surfing. People who love snorkeling will feel like they are in paradise at Los Arcos, with its wide variety of coral reefs, tunnels and the incredibly beautiful underwater caves, where you can swim alongside giant rays and Olive Ridley turtles. You will also be able to watch the humpback whales swimming around the magical Marietas Islands.

Other experiences to be had if you visit Bucerias during the month of May, are watching the giant marine turtles arriving to these beaches to lay their eggs, as well as the babies hatching, who then go to the immensity of the Pacific Ocean in search of their own home.


Tourists who visit Bucerias generally plan to go for just one day, but the town's beauty, its cobblestone streets, charming coffee shops and the peaceful atmosphere, often leads them to extend their stays. Despite being so close to Puerto Vallarta, a city that never sleeps, in Bucerias the majority of activities finish at around 10:00 pm, with only a few coffee shops and bars remaining open.

Central Park

In the town of Bucerias you won't findshopping malls, discos or restaurant chains. Life passes calmly by, kids still play in the park and adults walk around the colorful streets or drink cups of coffee while sharing their daily experiences. Don't worry, you won't feel too isolated though, since you will still be able to check your e-mail at the internet cafe or go to the bank to exchange money.

Bucerias Sunrise



Without a doubt this is a town of beauty, where the act of admiring the sunrise is a unique spectacle and the hours pass slowly by. Come, take a stroll around Bucerias.