Puerto Vallarta Art Galleries

Verónica Santamaría Rodríguez
Puerto Vallarta: Un Paraíso para los Artistas y Coleccionistas de Arte

Galerías de arte en Puerto VallartaA visit to Puerto Vallarta can be so much more than just enjoying its wonderful beaches, the great variety of water sports on offer, the most beautiful natural landscapes and quaint villages in the surrounding areas; the whole town also thrives on its passion for art. You'll have the incredible opportunity to admire and understand the deepest feelings and creativity of distinguished artists, captured in a whole host of fascinating artistic expressions. The above mentioned art can be appreciated in the various galleries, located throughout this picturesque city.

Galerías de Arte en Puerto VallartaIn this interesting and charming destination, where the many galleries are bustling with locals, art lovers and visitors from around the world, you can view stunning exhibitions and also buy unique pieces. Should you find something you'd like to purchase then taking it home with you is not a problem, as many of the galleries offer national and international shipping and packaging services. There are so many fantastic art galleries in Puerto Vallarta that is impossible to mention them all in this article, however, below you'll find a comprehensive list of some of the best.

The Loft

This gallery features a valuable selection of pieces by modern and contemporary artists, mainly focusing on the fields of painting, sculpture and photography. The loft gallery also provides a service to authenticate, certify and value art work.

Galerías de Arte en VallartaGaleria Vallarta

One of the most important galleries in the city, Galleria Vallarta, offers all forms of art including original paintings, lithographs, engravings, jewelry, ceramics, and sculptures in bronze and wood. It's also a favorite shopping spot for locals and tourists since it features a wide selection of posters, collectibles and a great range of indigenous handicrafts from all over Mexico.

Galerías de arte en Puerto VallartaGaleria Corsica

This gallery is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Mexican artists. Corsica gallery offers clients the opportunity to acquire exceptional paintings and sculptures by renowned artists, who have their pieces exhibited in museums in Mexico and throughout the world.

Galerías de Arte en VallartaGaleria Uno A

Galeria Uno features exhibition rooms, art for sale, valuations and a framing service. The gallery also sells all kinds of materials for artists and holds drawing and painting classes for both children and adults.

Galería de arte en Puerto VallartaGaleria Corona

Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, this attractive gallery exhibits beautiful pieces created by artists from Mexico City and Guadalajara. In addition to the fantastic collection of paintings, they also have a display of terracotta figures and bronze and wooden sculptures.

Galerías de arte en Puerto VallartaGaleria de Ollas

This gallery only exhibits and sells pottery from the town of Mata Ortiz, located close to the Paquime archaeological site, in the state of Chihuahua. The gallery displays an excellent variety of high quality pieces and also shares with clients the history of how the people from this quaint town create these beautiful ceramics.

Galeria A.L. Arte Latinoamericano

Galerías de arte en Puerto VallartaThis charming gallery has large exhibition rooms, displaying an excellent selection of contemporary paintings by local and international artists. It is located in the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

When buying a piece of art, you have to study it very carefully and take into account the technique used, the light, the quality, and the subject matter, as well as discover the meaning of the piece. The price of art depends on the materials used, the style, the time required to create the piece and, most importantly, who the artist is.

Whether you follow the specific rules for buying art, or not, the most important factor is that the piece stirs something within you, that you feel a kind of emotional communication or connection. Should you find something that you really like then go ahead and buy it! Take home a truly unique souvenir of your vacation to the incredible destination of Puerto Vallarta.